Ordering Information


Ordering Information

All guitar, neck and body orders will require 50% down payment to begin work.  This is NON-REFUNDABLE once work begins.
This is because I do not charge excessive
amounts for my labor, unlike some other builders, and do need this amount of down just to cover materials, parts etc ...
Build times on guitars average 16 - 52 weeks depending on the job. Longer times can happen due to materials availability, issues or defects and also the complexity and nature of the job.
My prices for the quality and custom nature of the work is quite reasonable.

If you are looking for an exact replica of a particular make of guitar or neck or body then I suggest you buy that make. I can do very close and custom versions of high quality but due to copyright issues, production methods etc. there will be differences in some design features... ie headstocks etc.

All Body, Neck, Finishing and Services Orders require a minimum of 50% down to begin work. 

I accept personal checks (Will add 2 weeks to order to be sure they clear my bank), cashiers checks (Still add a week, as my bank still treats them as just a check) and PayPal.

Make checks out to - J.C. Harper Luthier

Order on the payment page below with your Mastercard or Visa. Just Click the Link.

We accept

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 Use PayPal  - Our PayPal - jchluthier@yahoo.com
Or call us to process the order by  

All shipping, order and address details will be sent by email.

(This is just more efficient and supplies paper evidence of order, which is good for everyone.)

All guitars include case.  We will NOT ship without a case.
Unless specified otherwise, numerous color choices and options available. See options page. Shipping is not included in price..
Guitars have a 90 day limited warranty to the original purchaser only.
All guitars except for the BOC Kronos model now feature our players heel for better access to the higher frets. Options, features  and woods can change without notice.

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